I use this website mainly to document my projects or articles that I write. Please visit Projects to navigate around the documentation. I also share some of my experiences in Stories page.

I read books in Indonesian and English and I write the reviews here to keep tracking of it or to share my thoughts on the books.

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  • What’s the Best Initial Guess for Wordle?

    January 10, 2022 by

    Recently, a daily word game called Wordle has gone viral on Twitter. The rule of the game is simple, guess a five letters word in 6 tries. Some of the hint after guessing a word is shown in the figure below. I found the game as interesting and challenging since there are hundreds of thousands… Read more

  • Personal Note on Learning New Things: Case Study on Chess

    November 9, 2021 by

    I started playing chess when I was a kid, but not regularly. Several years later, after watching the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix in January 2021, I began playing chess again. With the pandemic situation, outside the working hour, I restricted my activity in crowded places and I found chess can be a fun activity to… Read more

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